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This blog came about at the insistence of my brother, John. Much like the people who harangued George Harrison to write original material until he finally wrote a song to make them go away, this blog is my Don’t Bother Me.

That sounds worse than intended. It worked out fairly well for ole George, cf. Something, so I hope a bit of that luck rubs off on this endeavor.

I’m a life-long music fan from Kentucky now living in London and have been employed at some-point-or-other as a: Musician; Songwriter;  DJ; Record Label Manager; Music Industry Graphic Designer and Record Store Manager. A lot of music has passed through my life.

This is an attempt to shed some light on the lesser-known pursuits of musicians of whom you may have or, more likely, not heard.

If you have any feedback, please do leave a comment/question.

Cheers, Worth Wagers


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